Our story

Carla Samuel®, is a company that creates its models with a universal look at Women and the World. Her creator chose her brand name from “Carla”, her niece and “Samuel”, the first name of her 98-year-old grandfather who said, holding her great granddaughter a few months old CARLA in her arms : “We are the two ends of life”.
The young creator of this company Jeremie built his collections with an open look at the Latin, Mediterranean fashion but also on the innovative foreign trends scattered throughout the world.
Above all, it seeks craftsmanship combining craftsmanship and innovative design from all the worlds: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Dutch, Italian, English, Indonesian … and many others … The dynamic and evolving personality of the brand.
The group CARLA SAMUEL has the strategy of the hunter of scarcity, the researcher of beauty and elegance, based on the use of noble materials: leather, mother-of-pearl, python, sea bamboo, nubuck … wanting to stay always More original and always more surprising.
Leather is a living matter that must evolve, breathe and live as a person and become the second skin of the Woman who wears it.
The goal of Carla Samuel® is above all to sublimate the Woman, and to accompany her steps every moment of her life here in France and all over the world.